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What is CBT?

CBT looks at the impact of our thoughts and behaviours on our emotional state. We can get trapped in unhelpful and repetitive patterns in our thought processes and what we do, and this can cause emotional difficulties which get in the way of us leading the life we want to live. CBT aims to improve your emotional well-being by identifying these unhelpful cycles, and by helping you to make changes in your thought processes and behaviours, which then bend or break these patterns.

It is focused mainly on the here and now, rather than the past, and it is intended to be a relatively brief therapy. This means that on average I would see you for between 8 and 20 sessions, depending on the type and severity of the problem that has caused you to seek help. It is a goal focussed therapy, in that we would agree at the beginning what you want to be different in your life, and we would keep track of whether we are moving towards that preferred state as we progress through therapy.

CBT is an active and collaborative therapy, in that in addition to the weekly sessions we would plan between session tasks to bring the therapeutic process into your everyday life. By doing this we hope that during the course of therapy you will learn skills which will help you to maintain the changes you make during therapy after it is finished, and that you will be able to draw on when you face other challenges in life.

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Welcome to Kate Pryce Therapy